Preserve green space.

While speaking with residents in Webster, the issue of green space and what can be done to curb over development is the single largest issue. I will focus on finding ways for Monroe County to help address the issue and keep green spaces in Webster.

Teen mental health.

Even before the pandemic, teachers were keenly aware that many of the students walking the halls of our schools were not okay. The dangers of  social media, the anxiety over safety created by mass shootings, and the divisive discord in our national politics were all significant issues before COVID.  Add a global pandemic and a war in the Ukraine, and for many kids, it’s too much.  I will advocate to increase the capacity of our Monroe County Department to assist school districts and families to identify and provide services to the young people who need it.

Keep our young folks in Monroe County.

Monroe County is blessed with a world class education system – but all too often these young adults quickly leave Monroe County.  I believe we should be working to keep them here, and will support County Executive Bello’s recently launched initiative to do just that. As the program proves itself, I will advocate for its expansion to continue growing our communities. And, selfishly, I don’t want my son and daughter moving away when they’re ready for adult life.

Fully fund MCC.

It’s hard to count all of the wonderful assets Monroe County has to offer citizens, including a high quality airport, a terrific zoo, and 22 well maintained county parks.  But for me, Monroe Community College is at the top of that list.  Most folks don’t know that MCC is funded three ways: one third is state funding, one third is student tuition, and one third is county funding. In recent years, the  county contribution has been lacking.  As a result programs have been reduced and enrollment has suffered.  I will work with my colleagues in the legislature to make sure MCC, an amazing resource for young people, receives the funding necessary to remain a vital aspect of life in Monroe County.